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31st General Session

Ram Lila Ground, New Delhi on Nov 13th 2016

Presidential Address (in Brief)

New Delhi on May 19, 2012

The President of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind, Maulana Qari Syed Mohammad Usman Mansoorpuri, offered valuable suggestions regarding various important national, international and community issues in his presidential address delivered on the occasion of the 31th general session of the organisation. In his speech, he appealed to the ruling governments to give patient hear to demands of the community and resolve their problems. He also invited Muslim community for self-introspection in various issues.

While delivering detailed speech on reservation for Muslims he demanded that (1) Muslims should be given representation in all spheres in accordance with their proportion of population. To ensure this, the constitutional and the legal hurdles, if any, should immediately be removed. The Muslims should be declared the most backward community.

(2)Separate quota should be earmarked for the Muslims OBC sections which are listed in the Mandal Commission since owing to prevalent prejudice, clubbing them with other minorities will result in taking away their right share.


(3)Labourer castes of the Muslim community and the backward classes should be treated at par with other Dalits by amending Article 341 of the constitution. Raising some important points, he asserted need for increase in quota of OBC under Mandal Commission, given rising population of the country. Declaring as inadequate the recent step by the central government with regard to reservation, he said that this did not serve our demands.

The president, while speaking on necessity of anti- communal violence, stressed upon the importance of maintaining the peace and security in a country where the people of different castes and creeds reside together. He demanded introduction of a legislation, the primary focuses of which should be, to secure accountability of public servants and to hold them responsible for communal and targeted violence and all persons in civil, political and administrative authority or any one other public official exercising state power to be made accountable and criminally liable for failure to perform their statutory duties. He suspected on the intention of the government as though it wanted to put the bill into cold storage. He further said “According to article 21 of the constitution, the government is obliged to protect life and property of Indian citizen. If fails to do so, it has to compensate victims.” “If the legislation is not introduced, which stick to be applied to check adversaries of communal violence targeted at weaker sections of the country” questioned Maulana Usman sb, JUH president while reacting sharply to RSS and BJP who wanted to halt the bill.

Speaking on terrorism and illegal detention of Muslim youths, the JUH president condemned terrorism of all forms. It has no place in any civilized society and it must be dealt with iron hand for peace and prosperity of the country. It is embarrassing that due to flaw in police system often innocent persons are detained causing damage to their career and social status. Adopting double standard in investigation is a grave injustice and destructive to society. He further said “We favor the real culprits be punished irrespective of their caste and creed. We are of this view that there should be line between the accused and convicts and innocents should not be treated like terrorists. Over the last few months, efforts are being made to harass Muslim youths in the name of investigation. He demanded transparency in investigation be maintained rising above religion and caste. A fast-track court be set up immediately, which should look at all cases of falsely accused at one designated place in a time-bound manner at daily basis. All Muslim youths found innocent must be adequately compensated, Character certificate, government job should be provided and the money be collected from the salary of official responsible for destruction of their life. In this regard, Andhra Pradesh. Government has somehow taken a favorable step worth emulation. We should follow Australia’s action regarding Dr Mohd. Haneef. Why we follow Europe and West just in immoral things? To uphold the superiority of law and order, the investigative agencies must be checked and held accountable.

While stressing need for propagating freedom movement of Maulana Mahmood Hasan the president drew the attention of people towards the agony that the younger generation of the country is even unaware who was Maulana Mahmood Hasan and what role he had played in the freedom movement. The president felt it necessary to propagate services of the great elders of the community among new generation. He instructed states, districts units of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind to work for propagating and disseminating the message and services of his freedom movement.

Speaking on need for promotion of national integration, he said National integration means that every citizen irrespective of cast, creed has the same idea and action regarding the common issues of the country so that the country may consolidate and head toward progress peacefully. In country like India where people of various faith and creed live together, promotion of national integration is a need of hour. In the current scenario, all departments especially key ones must be cleaned from the influence of communalism, effective and unanimous steps should be taken keeping overall interests of the country. The president while dealing issues of waqf properties and mosque under control of ASI demanded restoration of five time’s daily prayers there. He further demanded that government restriction should be lifted to repair dilapidated mosque and constructing new one. Preventing Muslims to perform prayers in the mosque constitute religious undue interference in the religious freedom of the Muslims. The president also expressed concern over apathetic condition of waqf properties all across the country. He detailed that illegal tempering with and unlawful encroachment on the waqf properties and their purchase at throwaway price is still going. The biggest issue is to free the properties from illegal occupation. The president recommended that the waqf properties under illegal occupation of government or others should be handed over to waqf board with a period of 3 to 6 months otherwise market value rent has to pay to the board from the date of occupation.

The president in his address, raised voice against injustice meted out to Kashmiri people. He claimed that if people of Kashmir are taken into trust, the situation will develop better. He demanded that long pending legitimate demands of Kashmiri people must be considered, promises of special economic package must be fulfilled, armed forces must be withdrawn and armed forces, special Power Act and Public Safety Act be lifted.

Taking note of problem of citizenship rights in Assam, the president pointed out that there are 70-80% percent residents of the country who do not have birth certificate, even the ministers as well as the home minister have been found for not having birth certificate. He opined that the forces/police can not be given the right and authority to decide rights of citizenship. But in Assam, police are authorized to decide citizenship rights whereas the verdict of Mumbai High Court and Supreme Court confirm that police has no right to decide the fate of citizenship. To deprive any real citizen of citizenship rights is violation of the constitution of India. The harassment of any persons due to his particular identity is an open communalism. Therefore, Maulana Mansoorpuri JUH President demands that instead of any advocates, the attorney general or solicitor be directed to defend the law. It is duty of the government to protect the citizenship rights of their citizens, the president said.

The president taking the note of the current situation in Islamic world especially Iraq, Libiya, Egypt, Syria and Bahrain, appealed to the rulers of Islamic world that in the changing socio- political scenario, they have to consider rightful demands of their masses. They should ensure share of common people in the resources of the nation. On the other hand, active groups working for changes must not indulge in creating anarchy that leads to interference of foreign powers. Changes and development will be fruitful for the people, only when there is peace and security.

Speaking on Palestine the president said, "Concept of dependent and unarmed state is nonsense. He said, “The condition of Palestine is distressing. It is matter of shame that Muslim world and Arab countries are doing nothing to stop Israel form barbaric work. Despite condemnation by UN Secretary General and America, sticking to its expanding policy, Israel insists on constructing illegal colonies. The president demanded that the international community especially America, Russia and the UN are appealed to pave the way for the establishment of a stable, sovereign state of Palestine. Israel should leave Arab occupied region. In this regard Indian government should play its role. The president expressed concern over deviated policy of the central government regarding the Middle East especially about Palestine. He demanded from the government of India to revert to its old Arab friendly policy according to which India always supported Palestinian causes at every forum.

Apart from these issues Maulana Mansoorpuri also dealt with other important issues such as importance of religious institutions, social reforms. In his presidential address, He also emphatically stressed over strengthening the system of Imarate Sharia. Declaring Mahakmae Sharia as helpful to the judiciary system of the country, the president demanded from the govt. to take step for introducing Qazi Bill. He appealed to the Muslim community to contact Mahakame Sharia for their family dispute.