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Aman March

Against Growing Communalism & Mob Lynching

Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind holds ‘Peace March’ simultaneously over 800 cities across India against growing violent hate crimes.


Government must tell the world what steps taken to curb cow-vigilantes: Maulana Mahmood Madani  


NEW DELHI, August 13, 2017: In a bid to counter the rising religious hate crimes, intolerance, and mob-lynching incidents as well as to spread the message of peace and love to the countrymen, prominent and historic Muslim organization Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind (JUH) on Sunday organized ‘Aman (Peace) March’ simultaneously in more than 800 cities and towns across India. The JUH President Qari Mohammad Usman led the March at Jantar Mantar in the National Capital while General Secretary Maulana Mahmood Madani in Pune (Maharashtra).

Conveying the message of brotherhood and harmony, the peace marches were also taken out in all the major cities including Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Lucknow, Gauhati, Imphal, Bangalore, and Aurangabad etc.  Even in the flood-affected Dhanera town of Gujarat, Muslims, as well as Hindus both, took out the rally to put across the message of peace.


Addressing the rally after the march terminated at Jantar Mantra here, Jamiat president Qari Mohammad Usman said that “ India is a country of diverse communities and religions and has been an an embodiment of unity in diversity for centuries. However, it is unfortunate that some forces inimical to the unity and integrity of the country have been raising their ugly head for a long period of time, he said. These disruptive and divisive forces do not respect the Constitution and the Law of the land and have been targeting a particular religious group in the country, he added.  Deploring the communal and fascist elements, the Jamiat chief said that the main targets of their violent activities are religious minorities in general and Muslims in particular with the aim of creating a fear psychosis among them.  All these attacks are deplorable, and seem to indicate the weakening of the rule of law and contributes to a growing sense of insecurity for the minority community and intensification of religious tensions, Maulana Mansoorpuri said. He however clarified that we have not gathered here to oppose any government but to urge the nation for collective struggle for peace.


In such a situation, how could have Jamiat remained a silent spectator. Therefore it gave a clarion call to the fellow countrymen to support the Jamiat efforts for spreading the message of love and peace once again in our beloved country, he said.  He underlined that those forces and individuals who violate the rule of law are in fact the enemies of the nation.


Condemning hate crimes and mob-lynching, the Jamiat chief said that such incidents  will push the country into anarchy and lawlessness.  Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind strongly urged the government that “this worrying trend of hate-crimes and intolerance needs to be stopped immediately and take strict action against perpetrators of this crime for restoring peace in the country,” he said.

Without peace and tranquility no country or nation in the world can march on the path of progress and prosperity, the Jamiat Chief said.

This huge peace march across the country organized by Jamiat is being billed as the biggest protest demonstration against the forces of hatred and intolerance as well as incidents of mob lynching in the country till date.


Concerned citizens from all faiths marched the streets and main thorough fares in major towns and cities with holding placards to spread the message of communal harmony and to raise a united voice against the growing virulent atmosphere in the country.


In Pune, under the leadership of JUH National General Secretary Maulana Mahmood Madani, thousands of people joined the peace march. Dalit leaders also joined the march from the statue of Ambedkar. On the occasion, he said the pattern of hate crimes committed against Muslims and Dalits with seeming impunity is deeply worrying.   In this backdrop, Jamiat has taken the decision of organizing peace march across the country as the message of love and brotherhood is the only way to eliminate darkness of hatred. The growing darkness in the country can be removed by the message of love, Maulana Madani said while giving graphic details of hate crime incident.


We are not saying this but the central government itself admitted in the Parliament by stating that in the last three years, hate and communal violence incidents have increased by 41 percent, he said.


I asked a question to the government that what steps and actions it has taken so far to curb the so-called cow vigilante groups as the world wants to know about it, he said.

Coming down heavily on communal forces, Maulana Madani said the country is witnessing the hostile and aggressive political and social atmosphere which has been fueled by some ruling party members with the tacit approval of authorities.


Under the banner of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind, this peace march has taken place across the country to spread the message of love. Now the government must clear its position whether it is with  ‘this caravan of peace” or with the hate-mongers and hate-peddlers who are hell bent on destroying the very social fabric of the country, he asked.


Maulana Madani said these divisive forces are destroying the old traditions and values by brainwashing the younger generation of the country that cannot be overlooked and ignored.

He also made it clear that this campaign is not against any individual or group but to save and build the country. It is the responsibility of the majority community to protect and to instill confidence among the minority community members, Maulana Madani said.

This movement is to stir the conscience of the country and a call for standing united against the forces of evil which want to create divisions in the country on religious lines. 

Besides Maulana Madani, other faith leaders also addressed the peace rallies at different places of the country.   

In Delhi, Maulana Niyaz Ahmad Farooqui, Maulana Javed Ahmad Qasmi, Maulana Abid Qasmi and others also spoke on the occasion.