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New Delhi - October 15, 2016:-


Maulana Mahmood Madani, General Secretary of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind while condemning communal flare ups in Bahraich, U.P, accused the government machinery of failing in protecting the members of minority community. He further said that over a period of time, communal riots are being engineered in U.P with a well-thought strategy and government machinery cries over split milk when rioters flee away from the scene.


Taking exception to the central government’s unnecessary move towards UCC, Maulana Madani posed a question if to make legislation on uniform civil code is more important than to introduce law on prevention of communal violence? He advised the Modi government to concentrate on protecting the life and property of the community as its utmost duty instead of agonizing the minority community over issues of civil law and triple talaq. He noted that during communal riots, weaker sections and women belonging to the minority community suffer most. In Behraich too women were beaten up and children were killed. Maulana Madani urged cabinet ministers who are raising hue and cry over so called injustice to the Muslim woman that they should respond to the question that when central government is working towards enacting anti-violence law. Maulana Madani asserted that communal riots affect the dignity, economy and trade of a country.


He also said that it has been recorded that communal flare-ups erupt on occasions of religious festivals. “Then why not there was an adequate police arrangement made at Ganna Khan Village in District Behraich at Dueshara. Maulana Madani while referring to a report sent to him by Maulana Hayatullah Qasmi, a member of working Committee of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind who paid visit to the affected area, noted rioters kept on burning the houses belonging to the minority community in the very presence of police crew. He demanded from the government of U.P to take stern action against the district administration and pay adequate compensation to the victims of communal riot. He also demanded judicial inquiry of this communal riot.

Jamiat Condemns Bahraich Communal Roits and Terms UCC as Unnecessary