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Insaaf March

Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi

5 March 2013

 The most important issues which need immediate attention and solution are: reservation to Muslims in proportion to their population; anti- communal violence bill providing just and equal compensation to victims; and release of innocent Muslim youths arrested on false pretext of involvement in terrorist activities. 

On the issue of reservation Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind demands reservation at three levels:

  • Muslims should be provided representation in all spheres of life proportionate to their population. Effective steps should be taken in removal of hurdles, if any through suitable constitutional amendments. Reservation should be given to Muslims by declaring them most backward after excluding the creamy layer.

  • Owing to prevalent prejudice, the Muslims OBC are deprived of their due share in OBC quota specified by Mandal Commission. Therefore steps must be taken to ensure that they get the benefit from the quota.

  • Manual Labour castes, the counter parts of SC among the Muslim community should be treated at par with non Muslim Dalits. The condition of Religion in Article 341 of the constitution which was inserted subsequently by presidential order should be lifted providing equal treatment to all with no discrimination on ground of religion.


(2) Introduction of anti-communal violence bill is another demand which calls for urgent attention. Communal riots are great impediments to the development, stability and security of the nation. Most often, complicity of local administration poses great threat. Instead of protecting lives the police force acts hand in glove with miscreants. Jamiat Ulama-i Hind has been demanding time and again that district administration be held responsible for ritos. JUH also demands that Dalits, minorities especially Muslims be adequately represented in police force. The communal violence bill to be introduced should incorporate amendments as recommended by Jamiat Ulama-i Hind and other organizations.

(3) Release of innocent Muslim youths arrested on false pretext of involvement in terrorist activities is of great importance too. The innocent Muslim youths especially the educated class lose their career in education and employment due to long incarceration for no reason and rhyme. It is firm stand that there is no justification for terrorism in any civilized society. Security of the nation is of topmost priority but destruction of careers of innocent persons also does not have any justification either. Imprisonment of innocent persons and their long incarceration without filing any chargesheet against them is clear violation of human rights. To name an individual or organization with a Muslim name following any incident of terrorism without the required investigation indicates to a dangerous recourse. It is our earnest demands that:

  • Innocent prisoners must be released immediately. Their cases should be tried in fast-track courts.

  • The acquitted persons should be rehabilitated and dully compensated by the union and state governments. The officers involved in false prosecution should be duly punished. The amount of compensation payable to the victims should be deducted from their salaries.

  • The victims should be issued certificated of innocence and good character so that they may resume their career.

  • Unlawful prevention Act should be either abolished or should be amended as per the demands of human rights and civil liberties.

  • Investigation process should be made transparent and the security agencies should be made accountable.  

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