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August 25, 2016


Independent Homes and Families
Each family consists of 12 infants and children of up to 12 year old boys and 18 year old girls, with 2 ladies (‘mothers’) who take care of the infants’ and children’s needs, in terms of full time care, making up the family. A a fully furnished independent flat has been allotted to each such family within the village.

Pivotal Role of a Mother
The ‘mothers’ look after food, clothing and other daily needs. They are supplied with a monthly or weekly quota of ration and all household needs, in addition to a fixed amount of cash to enable them to run their kitchen and home independently. They are also given a monthly allowance for their personal needs.

Besides cooking healthy meals and dressing their children neatly, the ’mothers’ are individually responsible for all the physical, emotional, moral, educational and medical needs of their children. They are assisted in their task by Tutors, Counsellors, Physicians and trained professionals.

Physical Fitness
Children are medically checked up periodically and their fitness and vaccination records are meticulously maintained. Special care is taken for growth and the development of physically challenged or traumatised children.

In-Campus Education
Every child attends an in-campus school, followed by religious education in the afternoon and school homework under the supervision of tutors.

Off Campus Education
The boys beyond the age of 12 are kept in off-campus boarding schools and their expenses are borne by the village. During the vacations, they come back to their home in the village

Vocational Training and marriage of Grown up girls
Grown up girls and mothers are trained in vocations such as sewing, tie & dye, knitting and handicrafts and are encouraged to pursue full time education beyond secondary school.

On the other hand, if they so wish, girls attaining 18 years of age are suitably married off with all expenses paid by the village

Planned Capacity and Current Strength
The residential complex has been planned to accommodate 300 children and 50 women in 6 buildings, each having 4 independent flats. Out of these, 4 buildings are ready and currently accommodating 130 wards and their 10 mothers.13 grown up boys have been lodged in off-campus boarding schools.

Annual Running expenditure:
The total annual expenditure, for running of the residential complex amounts to Rs. 39,00,000 and thus the direct cost for maintaining one child works out to Rs 2500 per month..

This is including food, clothing, uniforms, school bags, books & stationary, school fee, medical exp., power, water, telephone, transport, travel salaries and allowances of Mothers and direct staff of residential complex, entertainment, special help to the needy and other misc. expenses

Jamiat Children Bank:
As our mission statement is ‘Living with Dignity’ we have established a children’s bank in the campus. Each child has his/her own account with a chequebook facility. Donors are requested to deposit in the names of identified account holders. All the expenses incurred on living and education of a child plus the amount withdrawn individually are debited to his or her account on prorate and actual basis. Thus, all contributions by the donors reach the intended beneficiaries directly and the children have the feeling that they are paying for whatever they get and not living on handouts. The credit balances in the accounts are savings of Account holders and can be utilised by them as they grow up.

To meet the direct, recurring costs, the philanthropists adopt children. According to their capacity, they contribute Rs.2000 per child, per month- payable in quarterly, six monthly or annual instalments as per their convenience.

To meet fixed cost of the infrastructure and building, grant and assistance by donor agencies and individuals are sought for and obtained for identified projects.


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